Monday, April 15, 2013

Thieves Spray

You may have heard of the Thieves blend. It is a great oil for keeping the germs away! Well, Young Living makes a Thieves spray.

I have fallen in love with this little spray! I use it for several different things. When I am out to eat, I spray it on the restaurant table before I put my baby's food down to sanitize it. You can spray any surface that needs to be cleaned! If I ever feel like I have a sore throat I will spray it in my mouth to kill anything that may be trying to start up. Also if I am out and notice I have been around sick people I will do a mouth spray for an additional little boost of protection. Before we eat out I also will spray our hands with it to sanitize. I have been more than happy to replace the other hand sanitizer I was using from Bath and Body Works. You can see the list of ingredients it has here. Looks harmless, right? Did you know that ingredients to make fragrance are not required to be listed? Read about how it is one of the biggest causes of contact dermatitis here and how those ingredients get a free pass under our laws.

And my fragrance rant is over. So the best part about Thieves spray for me is that when I run out, I use this same bottle and make more! I put 20 drops of Thieves oil and fill the rest with straight vodka. Voila!

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