Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Home! www.myessentialexperience.com

It is time to announce that this blog is moving to it's new home!!! I now have a new website. The address is http://www.myessentialexperience.com. You can now visit the blog there for new posts as well as MUCH more information! Come on over and click to subscribe. See you soon!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Peppermint Oil Brownies!

I hosted an event yesterday called Mom's Day Out. We do them once a month. We make a fun product to take home and have snacks that are made using essential oils. Find our event calender on this Facebook page (click here).

We made a Coconut Lime Scrub that was just heavenly using Lime essential oil.

Yesterday was my turn to make a snack. To be honest I was running low on time. I wanted something yummy and something quick. So I came across a recipe and here is what I did.

*disclaimer: This was ONLY using Young Living oils. They are safe for consumption. Please do not try with a "health food store" or other oil. Look on the oil's label. It will say not for internal use if it's not safe.

I decided on Peppermint Brownies. Yummy!!

It was SO easy you guys! I used a brownie mix (that's right). It was made for an 8x8 pan so I used 2 and put it in a 9x13. All I did was before I put my batter in the pan I added 10 drops of Peppermint oil and stirred. Then baked. Can you even imagine the dreamy smell of peppermint and brownies that was wafting through my home? They turned out great and it was just the right amount of Peppermint oil. 

So maybe cut it down to 5 drops if you are using a small pan.

Happy Baking!

Until next time ...