Thursday, April 18, 2013

Catch up!

It has been a busy few days! I have barely been home or when I was, I was elbow deep in laundry and house work! No fun. So now it's time to catch up on some oil talk ... my favorite thing!

Here are some ways I have used mine in the past few days:

1. We don't use fabric softeners. So when I was elbow deep (or neck high) in my piles of laundry, I use oils to make them smell amazing! I added a damp wash cloth with about 4 drops of oil to the dryer with each load. The hardest part is deciding which scent I want!

2. I used Valor to help stay calm and confident during the threat of severe weather we had. When I had children they came with a new irrational fear of tornados. I just want to keep them protected and some prayers and some Valor helped!

3. Another Valor moment. At work I forgot my child's drink and lunch among other things and I felt really flustered. Used some Valor and I felt more centered!

4. After a day of my 4 year old testing every boundary imaginable (just to make sure they all still exist I am sure), she was not herself and I just wanted to put on some noise canceling head phones and stare at the wall. I am trying to also teach her how God gives us forgiveness when we mess up (even mommy). So out came the diffuser with some Joy! It helped us perk back up and we ended the day on a good note.

5. Peace and Calming came in my last order. I had run out. I have been diffusing it at night, and my baby has been sleeping better than she has in months! She still wakes often at night but she has been going back to sleep very easily after she gets her cuddles and milk.

How did you use your oils this week?

Until next time ...


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