Monday, April 29, 2013

Blackheads ... Happy Monday

I read last week a way to help with blackheads.

Let's be honest. Really honest. If you are, you may admit that you may have seen some on yourself at one point. I have seen them lurking on me.

I have started using Purification for them.

I put a drop right on my nose and spread it around. The first time I did this it burned. Pretty bad! I am thinking it is because it was getting rid of toxins and germs in the area. I am serious when I tell you that the next day the area already felt smoother to the touch. The more I have done it, the less it burned. Now it is not burning at all.

I do this once a day and have noticed a great improvement. How awesome! I wonder how great it would work if I did one of those nose strips first and then let the oil get deep into the skin. Hmmm ... I may have to try that.

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