Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Testimonial Tuesday!

Today's testimonial comes from Phil. He had suffered from severe allergies. His wife Nikki and he decided to try essential oils to treat the problem. Here is their story.

"My husband has suffered from seasonal Spring allergies ever since we moved here in 2006.  Each Spring he would go to CVS and stock up on all the usual antihistamines, and Benedryl.  The would sometimes work, but would also cause him drowsiness and dizziness.  

This year, I had heard about using Lavender, Young Living oils internally and in our nasal rinses.  At the first sign of allergies we put 5 drops of oil in a gel capsule he bought at Atkins.  He took it in the evening as well as put Lavender on his feet and diffused in the bedroom.   The next morning, he said it worked fairly well, but that he wasn't quite sold and that he might take his allergy meds just to get him though the work day.  I asked him to give it 24 more hours.  So he took another Lavender pill and went to work.  That day he said he could feel the sinus pressure going away and was feeling much better.  That night he took another capsule before bed and did a sinus rinse with a drop of lavender oils as well.  I also put Peppermint oil on the back of his neck and along his spine and on his feet.  The next morning, he said he slept though the whole night and was able to breathe through his nose with NO CONGESTION!  The rest of the week, he just took one capsule with only 3 drops every other day.  That was two weeks ago and he has only had to take one capsule this week.  We still diffuse lavender in our bedroom every night and vacuum our carpets almost every day just to get allergies out.  We also take off our shoes when we get in the house.  
We are sold on Young Living oils for our family!"

It is so great to see and hear about how oils are working in the lives of those around me!

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