Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I will admit that I have a VERY strong willed 4 year old daughter. I mean this girl once threw a fit for an hour and a half just because she did not want to throw away a banana peel (that she threw on the floor). I had heard about using the Peace and Calming blend to help with tantrums. I read about putting a drop in the middle upper part of the stomach so it reaches where the emotions seem to originate. I though "sure, okay". I had no expectations. Now that my child is 4, we don't have near as many tantrums. But when she gets angry it is hard for her to express emotion so it will last a good hour or two.

A few weeks back she had one of these episodes. I remembered about the oil and thought I would put it to the test. She was on the couch not even able to communicate because she was so angry. I rubbed the oil in the upper middle part of her tummy. Within 5 minutes she had calmed down!!! No lie. This has never happened in my home when she has already reached the point she was at. But, like I said she calmed right down, expressed what she was angry about and went on about her business. It blew my mind. Seriously!

I am so excited to try this on my baby as she grows into being a toddler and deals with the same things that all toddlers deal with. I will not be using this as a "cure all" or expect my child to never be upset. I believe children need to experience emotion and know it is okay. But, I am happy and thankful to have this little trick in my back pocket for a really rough day.

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