Monday, July 15, 2013

Had enough about my deodorant yet? Here's a little more :)

I know I have done TWO other posts on home made deodorant but I have one last thing to share.

It's my husband.

He has seen me making all my own grooming products lately. He sat back quietly but then recently decided to jump on board.

I left him my notes on how I made my deodorant and he decided to make his own too. He used the same one with coconut oil, baking soda, and oils.

He chose to use Cedarwood because he really likes the woodsy smell of it.

He has gone on and on about how much he likes it. We both have had NO ODOR ever since starting this up.

Yesterday it was about 100 degrees. We had gotten in the car to head to church ... and what do we both do? We smell our arms to see if it is working even in that condition. Haha! We both were totally odor free and spent half the drive to church talking about how shocking it is that the stuff works so much better than commercial products.

It is sort of scary to think that people are out there buying something they have to purchase over and over again that is full of such harmful chemicals (article here).

Just my thoughts.

Until next time ...


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baby Miracles Once Again!

I have posted before about a baby at my work that was SO helped by some oils!

Well we have a new sweet little baby who has had a very rough transition into being cared for by others. It has been so rough that this baby has only been able to stay a couple of hours because we can't even feed or calm it down. Ever.

I was gone on Monday. My sweet coworker sent me a message before I came back in asking me to bring my oils. I guess this baby had stayed all day Monday and it was rough to say the least.

I prepared for the worst and brought the oils with me. My work is AWESOME enough to recognize the benefit of oils, so they bought a diffuser for my room!! I started diffusing the Peace and Calming blend along with some Lavender. Drop off went well and we had no crying for over an hour!! Then I placed a drop of both of those oils on the swing before it was nap time. This baby stayed still with eyes open just enjoying the swing for 45 minutes, then fell asleep!!! This was unbelievable.

The rest of the day went fine. And I should also mention that the feeding went fine too. Again it was one of those moments where if I did not believe the full power of oils ... I sure just witnessed a reminder.

Babies and oils ... a match made in heaven. *Deep sigh*

Until next time ...


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Be Gone Mastitis! Take That!!

If you don't know what mastitis is ... it is an infection in the ducts of a lactating breast. That's a lot of information so if this post is not for you, kindly close it out now.

I am breastfeeding my 9 month old baby girl. I have never had any infection. This past week I was out of town, and started noticing some soreness in my right side. My thoughts, "Oh NO!" Please not while I am out of town. Over about 2 days the soreness became so intense that I could not even hold my baby because I could not even stand anything to touch it.

I figured I was well on my way to a nasty infection. I had thought about loading up on pain meds because I felt so bad. But I stopped, and remembered to try some oils first. I did not have my reference with me so I just went off of gut instinct.

I had a bottle of Mountain Savory oil. It is a good antibiotic. I decided to just rub it all around that area. I said some prayers hoping it would get in there and get rid of any possible infection that could have occurred.

I followed up with some Frankincense because it is just good at healing everything in my opinion.

Then I did what I teach in my childbirth class. I for the first time did a dangle feeding. That was an interesting experience to get in position for. Haha!

But, later that afternoon with plenty of continued nursing I was PAIN FREE!! How amazing!! I don't have the time or energy for full blown mastitis and I am so thankful that these oils helped in preventing that.

Until next time ...


Friday, July 5, 2013

Oils and Travel

I have spent some time traveling this week and let me share what I plan to bring and why.

1. Thieves Spray:  It is a MUST have for me. I will be spraying everything on the airplane that I touch with this. I will be spraying it at each table I eat out at to sanitize it as well. I will use a quick but intense spray in my mouth if I feel like I could have caught something or may be getting sick.

2. Purification:  Yet another way to get rid of odor or kill germs where I am. You can even put it on a cotton ball or a cloth and place on an air vent. 

3. RutaVaLa: My baby sleeps SO much better with this and I am not about to change that. I use a little on the back of her neck and her feet before bed. With us not being at our normal home environment I feel it is even more important.

I plan to keep my oils safe during travel by keeping them in my carrying case. I love this thing and don't know how I would take my oils safely without it!!

Until next time ...


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th Of July Fears ... No More!

I wanted to share my plans for the upcoming 4th of July holiday. How could oils possibly play into this? Let me share.

I love fireworks. My kids get scared by the loud sounds. How will we compromise?

I plan to use Valor on them for confidence and courage. I will also keep my Peace and Calming with me as well if I need to help them calm down from fear. How great is this?


Sometimes families do big gatherings to spend time together over the holiday. There is no better time to use your Valor than a family gathering. You won't go without it again once you have done it.

Indulge in too much food? No worries. Use your DiGize blend on your tummy and it is like you did not just eat more food than you do in a day. :)

Have a SAFE and happy 4th!

Until next time ...


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Home made deodorant ... Take 2!!!

I recently did a post on the dangers of commercial deodorant here. I started trying to make my own by doing a spray with raw apple cider vinegar and lemon oil. It works great because it kills all the bacteria and gets rid of any odor.

It did work but I got to where I did not like the smell of the vinegar. So, I made a deodorant paste instead. Here are the ingredients that I used:

Coconut Oil

Baking Soda

10 drops essential oils (optional)

Remember when using coconut oil on your skin to use an unrefined organic high quality oil. This is the one that I used.

I then got a glass jar and put in enough baking soda to fill it about half way up. Then I added in coconut oil and kept stirring until it made a paste. You could then add 10 or so drops of essential oils to scent it and increase antibacterial properties. Lemon or Lavender or Purification would be great choices.

The reasons I like this home made deodorant better:

1. It does not smell like vinegar.

2. The baking soda in it has stopped any sweating from happening in the first place!

3. It is quick and easy.

I just take a little bit on my finger tip and rub it right in. Have fun!

Until next time ...