Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Testimonial Tuesday!

I am going to try and do something I am calling Testimonial Tuesday. I love sharing what oils are doing with my health, but I think you all would enjoy hearing what they are doing for others as well. So here we go!

Today's testimony is from a friend of mine named Whitney. I have let her borrow some oils to see if they are something she would be interested in for herself and her family. Whitney is a busy mom and suffered from daily headaches. Poor thing! She was having to take Advil or Tylenol about everyday to keep it under control. Here is what she said after trying oils:

"I get a tension headache almost every day and have to take something for it. I used the peppermint and lavender around my hairline and down my neck and my headache was gone in about 10 minutes! I have also used it when I feel one starting and it has kept it from getting bad! It's amazing!"

I am sure Whitney's liver is pretty happy with her too since she gets to take less medication now!

Do you ever lend out your oils? I do. I know it will be the way for others to get to experience how awesome it can be to have them work to better there health.

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  1. Keep the tips coming. I have had fun trying different ideas with my oils. My husband has a very hard time waking up so the last few days I have put a few drops of pepermint oil and a couple of orange oil drops in the shower. He seems a little more alert at breakfast ...AND ... my bathroom smells awesome.