Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Home! www.myessentialexperience.com

It is time to announce that this blog is moving to it's new home!!! I now have a new website. The address is http://www.myessentialexperience.com. You can now visit the blog there for new posts as well as MUCH more information! Come on over and click to subscribe. See you soon!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Peppermint Oil Brownies!

I hosted an event yesterday called Mom's Day Out. We do them once a month. We make a fun product to take home and have snacks that are made using essential oils. Find our event calender on this Facebook page (click here).

We made a Coconut Lime Scrub that was just heavenly using Lime essential oil.

Yesterday was my turn to make a snack. To be honest I was running low on time. I wanted something yummy and something quick. So I came across a recipe and here is what I did.

*disclaimer: This was ONLY using Young Living oils. They are safe for consumption. Please do not try with a "health food store" or other oil. Look on the oil's label. It will say not for internal use if it's not safe.

I decided on Peppermint Brownies. Yummy!!

It was SO easy you guys! I used a brownie mix (that's right). It was made for an 8x8 pan so I used 2 and put it in a 9x13. All I did was before I put my batter in the pan I added 10 drops of Peppermint oil and stirred. Then baked. Can you even imagine the dreamy smell of peppermint and brownies that was wafting through my home? They turned out great and it was just the right amount of Peppermint oil. 

So maybe cut it down to 5 drops if you are using a small pan.

Happy Baking!

Until next time ...


Monday, August 19, 2013

How To Get Rid Of A Headache

I get small headaches now and then. I used to get very severe headaches years ago. If you have had them before you know what I am talking about. It's the headache that you know is heading for the point of no return. It's the kind of headache that takes over your whole body. The kind where you can not move anymore or speak anymore or keep your eyes open.

Last week I had one of these. It was my normal occasional headache or so I thought. Then it starts to pound and force my body to shut down. In the past if it got too bad I have had them last for several days. I DO NOT want to get to that point.

I knew I was within about 30 minutes to 1 hour away from my point of no return. I was starting to not speak and was needing to be still. My instinct was to go for some over the counter medication.

In my oil classes that I teach, we discuss using oils for headaches. So, even though I was nervous about it not working I decided to try the oils first.

I used Lavender around my hairline and the back of my neck. Then I layered it with Peppermint around my hairline and neck. I waited about 10 minutes. It was not as bad but I still wanted to take medication. So I tried the oils again. I put another layer of Peppermint around my hairline and my neck. This time I also added a drop of it the the crown (or top) of my head.

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Within about 5 minutes I felt much better. I did not feel the need for medicine. Within 20 or so minutes my headache was GONE. It was an amazing victory for me! I saved my liver the job of putting up with filtering out the medication I was planning to take. I did not have to worry about any medicine going into my breastmilk. My favorite part is that it was FASTER than taking medication. It was almost immediate relief.

Maybe this could work on your next headache?

Until next time ...


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Power Of Prayer (and oils)

I just HAD to share my experience from last night.

It was so powerful for me.

A little background:

My family has caught a virus this week. It is going through my children's preschool (where I also work) VERY quickly. I have other friends that have it too. Both my girls have had fevers and lots and lots of mucous and sore throats.

My sweet little 10 month old does NOT sleep. Ever. She does not nap more than 30 minutes during the day. She does not sleep more than 2 hours at night. She has not slept more than an hour and a half at night in weeks. She has stayed up an average of 2 or 3 hours during the night for weeks on top of all that. If you can imagine I am one tired momma.

Back to last night:

With my baby being very sick I knew I was in for a tough night again. It makes me so sad because I know she needs rest so her body can heal. I have been using Thieves, Eucalyptus Globulus, RC, and Lemon on both girls like crazy. I can tell that the virus is trying to cause a bacterial infection but we seem to be holding it off with use of these germ fighting oils. I put her to sleep about 10:00. She was up by midnight. Nothing new. If anything that was a good stretch of sleep for her. But after that she could NOT go back to sleep from coughing and mucous.

I decided to put more oils on her. The same ones I had been using. I suctioned her. Then I spent the next 2 hours comforting her with my hands on her in prayer. I begged God to give her rest. I begged him to use these oils that HE created to heal my baby. I fully believed that He could and WOULD do this. I mean, He healed my dad of the worst possible type of cancer. So this should be no big deal. God has the power to heal. I believe He does heal everyday. Again these prayers went on for 2 hours as I cuddled and comforted my baby.

Then the most amazing thing happened. Her nose cleared up. She was able to breathe! She feel asleep so hard. Then she slept for FOUR hours. FOUR. That has not happened in many months. She woke up for milk, went back to sleep 10 minutes later and slept another THREE hours!! I knew that God had heard my prayers. He listened to the cries of a tired mother in the night. He used His creation to let my daughter rest.

For me it was a miracle.

What I learned was to use your oils with intent. With prayer. Just how when David asked the Lord to cleanse him with Hyssop in the Bible. Can I get a Hallelujah?!

Until next time ...


Monday, July 15, 2013

Had enough about my deodorant yet? Here's a little more :)

I know I have done TWO other posts on home made deodorant but I have one last thing to share.

It's my husband.

He has seen me making all my own grooming products lately. He sat back quietly but then recently decided to jump on board.

I left him my notes on how I made my deodorant and he decided to make his own too. He used the same one with coconut oil, baking soda, and oils.

He chose to use Cedarwood because he really likes the woodsy smell of it.

He has gone on and on about how much he likes it. We both have had NO ODOR ever since starting this up.

Yesterday it was about 100 degrees. We had gotten in the car to head to church ... and what do we both do? We smell our arms to see if it is working even in that condition. Haha! We both were totally odor free and spent half the drive to church talking about how shocking it is that the stuff works so much better than commercial products.

It is sort of scary to think that people are out there buying something they have to purchase over and over again that is full of such harmful chemicals (article here).

Just my thoughts.

Until next time ...


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baby Miracles Once Again!

I have posted before about a baby at my work that was SO helped by some oils!

Well we have a new sweet little baby who has had a very rough transition into being cared for by others. It has been so rough that this baby has only been able to stay a couple of hours because we can't even feed or calm it down. Ever.

I was gone on Monday. My sweet coworker sent me a message before I came back in asking me to bring my oils. I guess this baby had stayed all day Monday and it was rough to say the least.

I prepared for the worst and brought the oils with me. My work is AWESOME enough to recognize the benefit of oils, so they bought a diffuser for my room!! I started diffusing the Peace and Calming blend along with some Lavender. Drop off went well and we had no crying for over an hour!! Then I placed a drop of both of those oils on the swing before it was nap time. This baby stayed still with eyes open just enjoying the swing for 45 minutes, then fell asleep!!! This was unbelievable.

The rest of the day went fine. And I should also mention that the feeding went fine too. Again it was one of those moments where if I did not believe the full power of oils ... I sure just witnessed a reminder.

Babies and oils ... a match made in heaven. *Deep sigh*

Until next time ...


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Be Gone Mastitis! Take That!!

If you don't know what mastitis is ... it is an infection in the ducts of a lactating breast. That's a lot of information so if this post is not for you, kindly close it out now.

I am breastfeeding my 9 month old baby girl. I have never had any infection. This past week I was out of town, and started noticing some soreness in my right side. My thoughts, "Oh NO!" Please not while I am out of town. Over about 2 days the soreness became so intense that I could not even hold my baby because I could not even stand anything to touch it.

I figured I was well on my way to a nasty infection. I had thought about loading up on pain meds because I felt so bad. But I stopped, and remembered to try some oils first. I did not have my reference with me so I just went off of gut instinct.

I had a bottle of Mountain Savory oil. It is a good antibiotic. I decided to just rub it all around that area. I said some prayers hoping it would get in there and get rid of any possible infection that could have occurred.

I followed up with some Frankincense because it is just good at healing everything in my opinion.

Then I did what I teach in my childbirth class. I for the first time did a dangle feeding. That was an interesting experience to get in position for. Haha!

But, later that afternoon with plenty of continued nursing I was PAIN FREE!! How amazing!! I don't have the time or energy for full blown mastitis and I am so thankful that these oils helped in preventing that.

Until next time ...