Monday, April 1, 2013

Baby's Cold #4

My baby comes to work with me in a child care setting. So it is almost a certainty that we will be dealing with illness. I use the Thieves blend to prevent getting sick. I love feeling like I am armed and ready walking into work each day! But, right now my baby is on her fourth cold.

We have dealt with this before and I have had definite improvement in treating her with oils. But, as my supply of oils grows, I am getting more options and feel like I have found our perfect blend to treat this! She woke up with (TMI) REALLY thick yellow/green mucus. So much that I could not even suction it out without adding liquid to her nose.

When I am "treating" her for an illness, I choose to apply oils every two hours or so to stay on top of things. Here is what we have been doing for about 2 days.

We are applying the R.C. blend to her chest and bottoms of her feet.
Then I am layering. This means I am applying more than one oil on top of another. So next I layered Eucalyptus Globulus over her chest and bottoms of feet as well. This oil helps with respiratory infections.

Next I am layering on the bottoms of her feet ONLY the Thieves blend. This one is a hot oil so it can cause skin sensitivity. That is why I choose to only put it on her feet. I feel it is not needed and too irritating for her chest. 

*One thing I learned with oils and babies this week. Watch putting oils on their feet because they love to chew on their toes! So when I put the oils on her feet I make sure I hold them out of her mouth and then cover them with socks afterward. 

I am also alternating my diffuser with the 3 oils as well. 

What we have noticed with this treatment: She has not had to sleep inclined because she does not have much mucus left!! She has a little when she wakes up, and that is it. No coughing this time. No running nose. Sleeping normally. I am praying that this continues to work and we can be done with it soon. I could not be more thrilled with our results!

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