Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Deodorant Recipe

I have known for some time about the dangers of deodorants. Have you? Take a look at this image from this website.

You can also read more about it here and here. You get the point. And I did too. But here is my problem. I can't find anything else that I could use where I didn't end up stinky at the end of the day. I tried natural deodorants too.  So even knowing what I know, I continued to use those awful products.  

My husband and I came up with a recipe to try. I used it being outside for 4 hours in 90 degree heat. It worked!!! We finally finally have a working option to try and get us off of our addiction to these nasty chemicals!

The recipe:

We first dab on some apple cider vinegar. This kills bacteria so that it helps with any odor. When you sweat it reacts with the bacteria and makes a smell. If there are no bacteria then there is no smell. I finished it off by applying a drop of Lemon oil over it. It is also antibacterial and has a nice scent. I had tried these things separately but it did not work as well as when I did them together. You can read more about other antibacterial oils to try as deodorants in this article.

We are going to make it convenient. We ordered a couple of 4 ounce glass spray bottles off of Amazon. We are going to keep our mixture in there and just use a few sprays for a quick option in the morning. How exciting!

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