Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Room Cleaning Battle

About a week ago it was time to clean up our house. We have a room designated for toys. Not only was the bedroom a disaster but the playroom was even worse. I told my oldest when we got up that we would be picking up the house today.

She happens to be a very strong willed little girl. She has done things like choose to sit in time out for an hour and a half because she would rather do that then to pick up a banana that she had thrown on the ground. Cleaning up is one of my biggest struggles with her. She would rather lose all the toys in the room than to pick them up.

Well I had gotten this oil called Motivation in my order last month because I felt like I needed some and I also scanned for it on the Zyto.

Like I said I only mentioned it once when she got up. Then we had breakfast. Then I thought I would put a drop of this blend on her feet. She went in the playroom and did not come out until lunch time. I figured that she had just been playing. She told me she cleaned up. (sure) So I go in and the entire playroom was clean!!! And then she shows me her room and it is clean too!!! I almost fell over in disbelief. It was so fun to tell her how proud of her I was!


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