Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baby Miracles Once Again!

I have posted before about a baby at my work that was SO helped by some oils!

Well we have a new sweet little baby who has had a very rough transition into being cared for by others. It has been so rough that this baby has only been able to stay a couple of hours because we can't even feed or calm it down. Ever.

I was gone on Monday. My sweet coworker sent me a message before I came back in asking me to bring my oils. I guess this baby had stayed all day Monday and it was rough to say the least.

I prepared for the worst and brought the oils with me. My work is AWESOME enough to recognize the benefit of oils, so they bought a diffuser for my room!! I started diffusing the Peace and Calming blend along with some Lavender. Drop off went well and we had no crying for over an hour!! Then I placed a drop of both of those oils on the swing before it was nap time. This baby stayed still with eyes open just enjoying the swing for 45 minutes, then fell asleep!!! This was unbelievable.

The rest of the day went fine. And I should also mention that the feeding went fine too. Again it was one of those moments where if I did not believe the full power of oils ... I sure just witnessed a reminder.

Babies and oils ... a match made in heaven. *Deep sigh*

Until next time ...


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