Friday, July 5, 2013

Oils and Travel

I have spent some time traveling this week and let me share what I plan to bring and why.

1. Thieves Spray:  It is a MUST have for me. I will be spraying everything on the airplane that I touch with this. I will be spraying it at each table I eat out at to sanitize it as well. I will use a quick but intense spray in my mouth if I feel like I could have caught something or may be getting sick.

2. Purification:  Yet another way to get rid of odor or kill germs where I am. You can even put it on a cotton ball or a cloth and place on an air vent. 

3. RutaVaLa: My baby sleeps SO much better with this and I am not about to change that. I use a little on the back of her neck and her feet before bed. With us not being at our normal home environment I feel it is even more important.

I plan to keep my oils safe during travel by keeping them in my carrying case. I love this thing and don't know how I would take my oils safely without it!!

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