Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why Oils? Really??

So here are some questions that I had when I was thinking about this whole oil thing.
1. How?
2. Why Young Living?
3. Should I really sign up?

Let me try to explain the answers that I came across that helped make my decision. Remember though that each person may not think the same or come to the same conclusion and that's okay! I am just sharing my essential experience :)

1. How?

How do oils work? But do they really work? How will I know which ones to use?

As far as how the oils work, you could take an entire chemistry course on them. They are very complex. Here is a link to some great information on oils. To answer the question of if they really work ... I will start at my beginning. I got some oils having zero expectations. I tried an oil for one thing, and it worked! Then I tried more oils for more things and they worked too! I became convinced not only by the science of it but more by my experiences with it. I also love hearing experiences from others with their success as well.

How do you know which ones to use for what? If you plan to get into oils, I would start with a Essential Oils Desk Reference. They can help guide you in your journey, and most of all help you do it safely! If you are looking for information specific for pregnancy, birth, and babies, this book would be a great resource to have! Also, you can always contact other oil users. They can be a valuable resource as well.

2. Why Young Living brand?

But they are so expensive! Can't I get this from my health food store? What is this Seed to Seal thing?

Young Living brand oils are therapeutic grade. They work very hard to make the best potency and purity. They control the entire process from the Seed to Seal. You should really check those links out because it is so interesting! All of this is what sets Young Living apart from your health food store brands. They are not completely pure and are NOT safe for consumption. It even says so on their labels. The high standards of quality are what make the cost of Young Living a little higher than others. But, you get what you pay for and when it comes to my health care I only want the best!

3. Should I really sign up?

If I sign up do I have to make a "business" of it? I HATE monthly things. Is this a monthly thing? What other fees could there be?

Young Living membership gets you a lifetime discount of 24%. If you do want to sign up you can contact me ( or just sign yourself up using the "sponsor ID" number 1394271. I really don't like "monthly things". Hehe! This is not an automatic monthly thing. You don't ever have to pay another fee or purchase anything to maintain your discount. So, that takes a lot of risk out of it! You do not have to make this a business if you sign up. You can just use your discount to enjoy a better price on amazing oils and other products. If you have any questions I am happy to help!

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