Sunday, March 24, 2013

Coughing Baby?

My 5 month old is having to build one strong immune system! I work at my older daughter's preschool, and my baby is there with me also. She is exposed to many more germs than I would like. But, we are fighting back! We use Thieves blend on her feet to help prevent illness, and she is still exclusively breast fed which helps too. Sometimes we just can't avoid the common cold and she has had one for over a week now. She has started doing this thing where she is fine until it's time for sleep and as soon as she is drifting off she goes into uncontrollable coughing fits. Sometimes she gags and throws up because it gets so bad.

On Friday, she had not napped the whole day except for 30 minutes around noon. Every other time we tried a nap she would wake from coughing. Then it hit me ... oils! So that evening I got out the R.C. blend and rubbed it on her chest and feet. I layered that with the Peace and Calming blend. Then in my diffuser I put 10 drops of Eucalyptus Globulus and place it next to the bed.

 After that, for the rest of the entire night she only coughed 2 times! What a blessing! I love getting to use the natural things that God created to make my girls feel better.

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