Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Making Your Spouse A Believer

One of the first things I hear when I talk to families about oils is this: "I love using them but my husband is not on board with it."

Mine lets me indulge in my oils. He watches them work and says how it is neat. He has wanted to start using them but doesn't really know where to begin.

This past week I thought I would help him out. As the girls and I were leaving for work I told him what oils to use. I got an "okay". But as I was leaving I repeated it several times. He is in graduate school so I suggested applying the Motivation blend and diffusing Lemon to reduce mistakes on school work.

If you know my husband you know he is a really "take it easy" type of guy. I am more the "get 'er done" type girl. Hehe. So imagine my surprise when I got this text message from him while I was at work:

"So today after using the Motivation and Lemon I finished writing 3 papers, cleaned the air filter, got gas, got the gates our of the attic, got milk from Braum's, clipped my nails, took care of the papers on the shredder and am now going to work out. And I went out and got Jamba Juice too!"

We left at 8:45 and this was about 2:00. This made me one happy wife and made him a believer in Motivation (my favorite blend these days)!!

So how do we get our husbands "on board" with oils? Get them to start using them. Let them experience for themselves!

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