Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Home Made Facial Cleanser

I recently have been learning about oil cleansing. This is where you do not use soap on your face. You just rub with oil and water to clean. My first thought was, "What about my make up?" Well then I remembered how make up removers are oily. Haha!

When you cleanse with oils you want to use high quality products. This means that for coconut oil you would want to purchase one that is NOT refined and extra virgin and organic. This helps it not clog pores and maintain a great anti microbial property.

I also got avocado oil and almond oil. I used small glass jars (not plastic) to store it in. I put about 15 drops of essential oils in each jar. I used oils to help my skin problems. I chose to mix in Purification, Melaleuca Alterniforlia and Lavender for my break outs.

I mixed up about a cup and a half of coconut oil and added about a tablespoon each of almond oil and avocado oil. I whipped it with a whisk. It made an amazing creamy texture. I put mine into 3 jars. But FIRST I added my drops of oils. I poured the coconut mixture offer the essential oils in each jar and very gently swirled them in.

Viola!! I had another batch I experimented with that I got too runny from too much avocado oil. I left it that consistency and added Frankincense oil for a spot and wrinkle correcting moisturizer. I only dab on a bit before bed and let it soak in overnight. It is amazing!

My skin has never felt better. I was having break outs and having dry flakiness and all sorts of issues. My skin is now glowing and moisturized but not oily.

I will add in that I am using my Clarsonic along with the oil. It is dreamy!!

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