Monday, June 24, 2013


This week I will be doing some posts on how to get you FREE on! How great is that?!

I am going to start today with a really REALLY big free give away. This will be for MY downline only. This means that you have signed up directly under me. If you have not done that yet and are interested, please contact me to find out how. You can always email me at

This give away will be good for the month of July only. I wanted to post it early so you all can plan ahead and take advantage of this great offer.

A lot of people want to get started with oils but do not know how. A great way to know what you need is by getting a desk reference. I use this one.

So here is where the FREE comes in. If you are signed up directly under me and you sign up for the first time on the Essential Rewards program I will be supplying you with a FREE DESK REFERENCE. (envision the Oprah give away yell here). I want my team to know how best to use oils and know they are doing it safely.

If you have questions about the Rewards program just stay tuned this week because I will be explaining it a bit more. You are always welcome to contact me about it as well.

So remember ...

1. For my team only.
2. First time sign up on Rewards program.
3. During the month of July only.

Until next time ...


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